My Story

I don’t want to be someone who says “I have always been into fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle” because I haven’t. I have never been dedicated enough to stick to a diet or a fitness program in my life. But that all changed a few months ago.

I have played sport all my life dabbling in a bit of basketball, tennis and netball just to name a few, so when it came to being active I never struggled. However, once I left high school and moved out of home to attend university I no longer had my parents to drive me to basketball every Monday night, pay for my gym fees or even cook my meals, so naturally things changed. I had to start making decisions and look after myself, which was completely foreign for me. So things like a gym membership or getting back into basketball fell by the wayside.

I have never been one to fall into extreme dieting or depriving myself of anything because I love food way too much. In saying that, thanks to my parents, I was already practising fairly healthy eating habits in terms of the types of food I chose to eat. I do think that my parents taught me extremely valuable skills and gave me the knowledge to make healthy and nutritious decisions. I thank them for this because it made my transition into the lifestyle I now lead so much easier.

After leaving high school and being inactive for so long I knew I had to start being active again. Although this process of thinking about doing something took me almost a year and half, I eventually pulled my butt into gear and did something about it. I remember sitting down with my family at my 18th birthday and making the promise to myself and to them that I would join a gym. Saying it aloud and making the people around me aware of what I wanted to do made me accountable for my actions.

I just remembered hating how I was feeling. I was stressed and anxious all the time and I was never happy when I looked in the mirror. For me this transition really stemmed from my concerns of my mental health. My physical health at that stage did need some TLC however it was the overwhelming emotions building inside my head that needed a way out.

“I just remembered hating how I was feeling. I was stressed and anxious all the time…”

There was a gym just down the road from where I lived which was perfect. I joined and even got myself a personal trainer which I was a bit reluctant about at the beginning but looking back now, I am so glad I did!

Originally my goals were to improve my fitness and lose weight which, looking back now, was so vague but at the time I didn’t know any better. I didn’t even have a goal weight in mind but my trainer and I just went with it. Fast-forward five months and my goals are extremely different!

After about eight weeks of regular exercise and healthy eating my trainer started dropping subtle hints about competing in fitness competitions. I knew she had competed and at first it looked way out of my league but as she continued to drop more hints I started looking into it more. So this brings us to right now, where I am currently trying to put on as much muscle as I can to compete in the ICN Queensland fitness competition in 2017.

My true health and fitness journey started quite abruptly, I went from a girl who hadn’t been in a gym for two years and was eating toast for dinner to training six times a week and filling my day with nutritious meals. The changes that I made in my life has impacted me greatly and I see the results of this every single day.  Through this I have found my passion for leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle and I hope I can pass on some of my knowledge and share my ups and downs with you all. I want to prove that through small changes, you can improve your life for the better. Whatever goals and dreams you have can be achieved through hard work and dedication.


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