Chocolate Pancakes with Protein Cream

Growing up I absolutely loved pancakes and would insist on having them every day for months when I was in primary school. I remember my mum would make me up a big batch once a week and I would just grab a few and heat them up each morning. She continually did this for me until I got sick of them all together.

My brother would joke with me and say that all the pancakes I was eating would go straight to my butt, unfortunately he was so right! Regardless they were so delicious and I just couldn’t get enough!


There is something about having pancakes in the morning that always seems to start my day off right. Although I burnt my love out for pancakes when I was younger, I am slowly getting back into them now. However, unlike my mum’s recipe that she would follow, I had to take some time out and find a clean recipe that I could incorporate some protein into at the same time.

I struggled for a good few months trying several different “healthy pancake” recipes that were indeed healthy, however the mixture wouldn’t stay together in the frying pan and would just become a big mess! Either that or the recipe would make one or two pancakes and it wasn’t satisfying at all.


Finally I came across an awesome recipe that incorporated clean ingredients, protein and they turned out to be real pancakes! After playing around with the recipe a few times, I finally got something that I was happy with.

When I am cooking breakfasts, I always want it to be fast and easy as most of the time I am in a rush to get to work or university. So this recipe is perfect if you really want to start your day off right with something delicious but don’t have all morning to cook it up!


Now when making these pancakes, it is really important that you blend the ingredients together until the batter is smooth and let it sit for the amount of time stated below. This is exactly what you do when making normal pancakes so you need to remember that for these to turn out right, the same steps apply.

Make sure your pan is already hot when you start placing the pancake mixture on it otherwise they will get really messy and won’t cook right through. When pouring the mixture on the pan I made the pancakes about 10 to 15 centimetres in diameter just because they are more manageable this size. You really want to be sure that you can get your whole spatula underneath them to flip because they can be slightly flimsy sometimes. The rule of thumb still applies here too when it comes to the first pancake being a bit trashy (or even the second – depending on how hot your pan is), so just be prepared for that.

I also want to emphasise the fact that you really need some good toppings just to make it a real pancake breakfast! In the pictures above, you can see I used 1 tablespoon of Walden Farms’ Chocolate Flavoured Sauce and some frozen mixed berries I placed in the microwave until they were completely melted and soft. You could put maple syrup, honey, nuts or even extra protein cream, whatever the preference.

So without a further-a-do, here are the delicious Chocolate Pancakes with Protein Cream! Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 5.23.11 PM.png


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