I’m competing in my first ever fitness competition!

The past few months have proved to be a challenge. All of the delicious temptations have been jam-packed into the smallest amount of time possible. Uni break, Christmas, New Years, relaxing getaways and not to mention that lack of routine that I acquired. It is easy to say that nutrition and training fell slightly to the way-side. But as the end of January rolled around competition preparation took over.

The aim is to use this platform to keep updates on my comp prep rolling out as well as educating people on the fundamentals of competing in a fitness competition. Whilst Youtube is my place to go when wanting other’s advice or experiences, it is so important for me to be reminded that prep time is different for everyone. So for me, it is just important that I take one day at a time and stay grounded amongst all of the chaos.

Currently I am sitting at 54.7kg and eating 1,800 calories following a IIFYM diet. I love flexible dieting because even though I love to eat clean and healthy, I can’t always be carrying around chicken and rice for every meal. I need my diet to fit in with my life and I find this is the most productive dieting method for me.

It is roughly 14 and a half weeks out from my comp and I’m slowly incorporating a few sessions of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and one session of LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) a week. I am really enjoying my LISS sessions but going for a 40 to 50-minute walk on the treadmill at the gym drives me insane. So going for a walk around my neighbourhood keeps my brain stimulated and interested.

I have recently been told by my physiotherapist that I need to steer clear of any exterior shoulder work…

img_6852Training-wise I have been doing a split of back and biceps, shoulders and triceps, and legs with core work every session. So this is usually a six-day training week, however this may change within the next coming weeks. I have recently been told by my physiotherapist that I need to steer clear of any exterior shoulder work such as side raises, front raises and military presses as my shoulder blades aren’t sitting in the right places – especially my right side. This means I’m putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on my pecs, traps and neck.

Obviously this was the last thing I wanted to hear at this time of going into a prep, however I do need to take the professional advice. Bringing strength into my lower shoulders to create greater stability will allow me to eventually go back to training my shoulders properly. I’m just trying to keep my hopes up that a few weeks rest from training shoulders won’t have a detrimental effect on my performance.

Throughout this time I am making sure that I am as prepared as I can be for the mental toll this journey will take on me. I do struggle with a bit of anxiety however I do work to keep my head straight as I have learnt to cope with it over the past few years, since moving out of home.

“We want what we can’t have” is so appropriate to this situation…

I am finding that the cravings for junk food are coming back occasionally. I feel as though this is only happening because I have mentally prepared myself for strict dieting for the next 14 weeks and I find the whole “we want what we can’t have” so appropriate to this situation. I don’t want to have junk because I know it will make me feel like crap, however it’s more the fact that in my head I know I can’t have it so in result I want it 200 times more.

Overall I am extremely nervous for my competition and I am really hoping to be stage-ready! I am constantly reminding myself that placing is not a priority for this comp, the focus is on learning what it’s like and enjoying it. At the end of the day I am new to all of this so just getting up on that stage is going to be a huge goal and achievement for me. My aim is to keep the updates on my progress coming roughly every week!


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