Eating Clean and the Excuses

Over the years the perception of eating clean has turned into the concept of diets consisting of chicken, rice and green smoothies. Whilst these foods are “clean and nutritious” it doesn’t represent the plethora of foods that are far more interesting and still have great nutritional value.

I always find that people think eating clean is “too much effort” or “boring”, which I disagree with entirely! If there is anything that I have learnt throughout this whole process, it’s that there are so many options available when you choose to eat clean.

We are in the internet age – there are endless pages of recipes available to everyone with a click of a button. Our supermarkets are incorporating special dietary foods as well as a profuse amount of fresh produce available seven days a week.

Whilst frying some vegetables and a piece of meat takes slightly (only slightly!) more effort than putting a pie in the oven, the outcomes of both choices are vastly different. After a while of making these good or bad decisions, your body will react accordingly to that choice.

At the end of the day no one can deny the fact that fueling your body with healthy, nutritious food will be beneficial as apposed to the counterproductive results of making poor eating choices. Your body will respond better and perform to it’s fullest potential when you give it the right amounts of the right foods.


I am all for eating “junk food” because as much as some people like to deny it – we all love it and that’s why it’s there. But in saying that, there needs to be balance and whilst “junk food” should be enjoyed, it should be treated as an occasional treat. This is a difficult balance that everyone struggles with because as humans we always want what we can’t have. It is up to the individual to find their own happy-medium and balance that works.

Whilst it may be cheaper to grab a chocolate bar over a protein or nut bar, I don’t believe that eating clean is expensive or unrealistic. I am a university student and only have a casual job so my budget is pretty tight and I still manage. I’m not going to deny that “health foods” can have a large price tag, however there are easy ways around it and it can be done on the cheap.

There is a big shift that a person needs to take when going from making poor food choices and unhealthy habits, to create healthy habits. Getting used to not having certain foods constantly as well as changing my taste buds to respond to not-so-sweet foods was something that I found difficult. But consistency is key and if you keep working at it, things become easier.


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