Comp Prep Update!

Nine weeks out and things are getting real. I’m back at university now so the balancing act begins for another semester. I am definitely feeling under the pump to fit in training, uni, work as well as my social life (or lack there of). While nine weeks out is roughly when the majority of people start to prep, I feel as though the process of having a longer cut is paying off thus far, especially because this is my first time.

Although there is a fair amount of time left, I am noticing areas of my prep that I need to rethink and adjust as soon as possible. My training is going well but I am feeling like I need to start mixing things up in the next few weeks to keep my body working to its fullest potential. My aim is to draft up a new workout plan to begin as soon as possible just to keep me motivated and avoid going into a plateau.

I have stepped up my cardio and am now doing three HIIT sessions a week as well as two LISS sessions. I am starting to find that the battle of self-doubt and critique is starting to creep in so my morning walks are my saviour to keep my head clear. Whilst I don’t always feel like doing my cardio, something that keeps me motivated and interested are my podcasts. I feel like my time is more productive because I’m learning and engaging in something that keeps my mind active.

My main focus at the moment though is my nutrition. I am worried my reliance on foods such as protein and muesli bars as snacks when I’m on the go. Between study, work, and training eating nutritious wholefoods isn’t always achievable and a quick snack is the easiest option (I know many people will relate!). Whilst they fit my macros I know that I could be fuelling my body with foods that are nutritious and beneficial to my health. I am giving myself a bit of leeway for the moment because I am still a far way out, however my aim is to cut as much processed foods out of my diet as I can in the next few weeks. This will hopefully get me to a place where my diet is free of any processed foods by the time I am four weeks out.


The fact that this is all new to me is something that I am finding difficult at the moment. Many people that I follow on social media (that have been competing for years) always use the phrase – “I know my body responds best to…” in whatever context they are speaking about, whether nutrition or training. Whilst I have a general idea of what my body should be doing, my knowledge isn’t extensive enough for me to be fully comfortable with how I’m tracking. But as I have said before and will keep saying (convincing myself) – the first time is the experiment to feel everything out and see what works, so trial and error it is.

I hope everyone is enjoying my updates so far, I know there hasn’t been too much but I promise as the weeks keeping counting down I’ll be posting more updates. As everything has been happening slowly so far there hasn’t been massive changes to discuss. Also I try and make these pieces as short as possible so I don’t ramble but let me know in the comments or on my social media if there is anything specific you want me to discuss! So keep your eyes peeled because I will definitely be sharing the ups and downs over the next few months!


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