The Motivation Tank is Running on Empty

It is great to have motivation to get things done and achieve your goals, but sooner or later the motivation tank will run low. We can’t go through life relying purely on motivation because just like everything else it will wax and wane. So what do you do when your motivation is running out?

Nothing in life ever comes easy because if it did, it wouldn’t be worth striving for. I see so many people around me trying to change themselves for the better but lose motivation when they don’t see results in a couple of weeks. It is a grind, it is routine and it is consistency that will get you to where you want to be.

This concept is relevant to every situation in life, from your career, to family life and even training. You need to consider where you are in life now and know where you want to end up. You need to know the reason why you are working towards these goals and aspirations. This will be the driving force to help you dig deep and push through your journey when motivation isn’t present.

Dedication and discipline is what you need to fall back on when motivation can’t get you through. This can be done by creating habits that become your daily, weekly or even monthly routine. It might not be easy and I guarantee you won’t want to do the things that need to be done all the time but they will get you to where you aspire to be.

Here are my top 5 tips to achieve your goals and avoid relying on motivation:



Jot all those goals, aspirations, to-do lists and all the emotions down. Get them on paper, it will help you visualize what you need to do, where you want to end up and embrace all the ups and downs that happen along the way.


No it can’t wait, tomorrow is too far away and there is no time like the present. No matter what situation you are in, if you put in hard work and time now, it will always pay off in the long run.


    sticky notes2

When motivation isn’t there to help out, reminders of where you aspire to be will! Whether it is that ideal body, your dream job or a passing grade on that exam, remember why you are doing what you are doing.


Creating habits and routines based around your goals and aspirations will have a helping hand in achieving them. You don’t need motivation when you plan your days and naturally know what needs to be done. Setting the alarm at 5am to get in a training session before work, making phone calls every afternoon to keep in contact with family and friends – whatever it may be, constantly chipping away and working on it will get you there!


    relaxing 3

It’s all well and good to work hard and put in all the time in the world to get what you want, however you can burn yourself out. While we all need to be dedicated to what we want to achieve, we do need to take time to recharge our batteries to get the best out of our time. This may also create time for your motivation to reboot in the process of reflecting on your journey.


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