My name is Juanita, I am a 19-year-old health and fitness enthusiast from sunny Queensland, Australia. I wasn’t always interested in this lifestyle, however through the changes and progress I have made, my passion has grown. I really want to share all my knowledge that I have gained throughout my journey so far and what is to come. Nutrition and active living go hand-in-hand and are both as important as the other, that’s why I have created this space to share recipes, workouts as well as discussing topics that I come across in my life that many of you do too. I hope you can find inspiration and encouragement from my blog!


The purpose of this blog is to discuss health and fitness topics as well as sharing my own opinions and experiences. I am not a health or fitness professional and I advise readers to consult with their health care professional for accurate information. I take no responsibility for the health and wellbeing of readers if they choose to take my advice without speaking to a professional.