3 Weeks To Go!

Comp prep was something that I feared initially. The hunger, cardio, fatigue and restriction was all I ever saw and whilst I knew I could do it, it was still frightening. When I envisioned what it was going to be like I was worried about how I could keep working, studying and training whilst staying sane! But after 13 weeks of prep I can honestly say it’s not as bad as some may portray.

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The Motivation Tank is Running on Empty

It is great to have motivation to get things done and achieve your goals, but sooner or later the motivation tank will run low. We can’t go through life relying purely on motivation because just like everything else it will wax and wane. So what do you do when your motivation is running out?

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FREEZE! Put the cake down!

Polishing off that family size cake to yourself can easily be avoided – don’t buy it in the first place. Wondering why you can’t lose weight as you wrap your hands around a Big Mac? The answer is right in front of you. Are people blind or oblivious?

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Comp Prep Update!

Nine weeks out and things are getting real. I’m back at university now so the balancing act begins for another semester. I am definitely feeling under the pump to fit in training, uni, work as well as my social life (or lack there of). While nine weeks out is roughly when the majority of people start to prep, I feel as though the process of having a longer cut is paying off thus far, especially because this is my first time.

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My First Experience with Intermittent Fasting

Fasting has been a concept that I have always been aware of, whether it was for dieting or cultural and religious purposes. Personally, I had never considered partaking in the practice because I couldn’t stand the thought of missing breakfast or being restrained to a timeframe of eating each day. That was until I tried it for myself.

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Eating Clean and the Excuses

Over the years the perception of eating clean has turned into the concept of diets consisting of chicken, rice and green smoothies. Whilst these foods are “clean and nutritious” it doesn’t represent the plethora of foods that are far more interesting and still have great nutritional value.

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I’m competing in my first ever fitness competition!

The past few months have proved to be a challenge. All of the delicious temptations have been jam-packed into the smallest amount of time possible. Uni break, Christmas, New Years, relaxing getaways and not to mention that lack of routine that I acquired. It is easy to say that nutrition and training fell slightly to the way-side. But as the end of January rolled around competition preparation took over.

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Chocolate Pancakes with Protein Cream

Growing up I absolutely loved pancakes and would insist on having them every day for months when I was in primary school. I remember my mum would make me up a big batch once a week and I would just grab a few and heat them up each morning. She continually did this for me until I got sick of them all together.

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